Apple Pencil vs. Logitech Crayon: A Short and Sweet Product Review

I have been involved in several conversations recently with my school’s principal and media tech about how to use classroom iPads more effectively. One idea that we have is purchasing either Apple Pencils or Logitech Crayons and making them available for classroom checkout. As we weigh our options, a few key questions come to mind: Is the design student friendly? How does the tool sync with the iPad? How long will it stay charged? How much does it cost?

I did a little research to weigh the pros and cons of each item, and I thought it might provide guidance for anyone else in a similar decision-making situation.

Apple Pencil (1st Generation)

Source: Jye B, Unsplash

Design: White plastic case with hidden lightning plug at the end underneath a small magnetic cap, created with designers and illustrators in mind
Connection: Pairs to an individual iPad by plugging in and connecting through Bluetooth settings
Charge: 12 hours
Cost: $99
Purchase here!

Logitech Crayon

Source: The Verge

Design: Aluminum tube with rubber cap, Kid friendly, built for classroom use
Connection: Turn on the crayon to connect. No plugging in or bluetooth required. 
Charge: 7.5 hours
Cost: $70
Purchase here!

Our Decision

Based on this information, we decided to move ahead with purchasing Logitech crayons. They meet all of our needs for a cheaper price. We applied for a grant through our district’s education foundation to purchase 25 crayons to support digital creation in our school’s Research Lab and beyond.

Stay tuned!

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