Are you watching LEGO Masters?!

Imagination. Creativity. Design. LEGO.
What a beautiful combination of words.

Normally, I’m pretty hesitant when it comes to reality TV shows. I’ve been known to get sucked into endless episodes, which isn’t the best use of my time or my brain power right now. However, when a friend and fellow STEM coordinator suggested checking out LEGO Masters, I was intrigued.

Source: LEGO Masters, YouTube

I’m five episodes in, and I’m obsessed.
Here are the main reasons I LOVE this show:

Classroom Inspiration
As a STEM Coordinator, the concept of friendly building competitions makes my brain go wild with ideas. Every time I watch a new episode, I’m left wondering: How could I recreate this in our school’s Innovation Lab? How can I use clips from this show as a way to motivate those difficult-to-reach students? How can I utilize the cast member representation to show my students that everyone can create?

If you’re interested in becoming a LEGO Educator like one of the contestants on the show, check out this link!

While it may seem counterintuitive, creativity requires structure. Following elements of the design thinking process, contestants are required to ideate, create a prototype, and test their design within a time limit. They also have the constraints of building within a theme and utilizing feedback from the judges. 

While building life-sized ferris wheels or storybooks that come to life might not be apart of the average person’s every day life, we have all needed to complete a creative task in a set amount of time with limited resources.

Family Fun
Unlike most reality TV shows, LEGO Masters provides appropriate entertainment that the whole family can enjoy. Will Arnett is the lovable and goof host who loves a good plot twist. The contestants encourage each other in stressful situations. There’s enough drama to keep viewers hooked in from beginning to end. Plus, who doesn’t love to see Lego builds destroyed by baseball bats, explosives, or dropped from scaffolds?

Source: Hong Lin, Unsplash

Based on the title, the show is obviously centered around LEGO, so there is a bit of consumerism involved. However, families could easily create their own challenges using recycled materials they have in their houses.

Have you jumped on the LEGO Masters bandwagon? If so, let me know in the comments below!

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