Diving Into Canvas

I’m excited to dive into Canvas this semester and create a course that I will use with students to teach 3D printing. Check out my course outline here:

I have a love/hate relationship with Canvas, so just getting started was a big step for me! I’m trying to model the growth mindset that I ask students and staff members to have as they explore new tech tools. Because this will be my students first encounter with an LMS, my main concerns were functionality and navigation.

As I build out this course, I will include: 

  • The front page of each module lists the skills and the activities that students will be working on. This allows students to understand the module goals from the very beginning and gives them an outline of what to expect as they work through the activities.
  • To continue the idea of visual consistency, I decided to mix repeating images with images that look similar in design.
  • Each module has embedded videos to support student exploration. I will give students two options:
    They may skip the videos and teach themselves how to perform each task through trial and error.
    They can watch the videos for some helpful hints as they work through the course.
  • Most of my discussions will be held in person. This is important to me for a couple of reasons:
    I want to correct any misconceptions that students might have. The most timely and efficient want to do this is by sharing in class. Many of my students are ELL. I want to give them opportunities to discuss with their peers and continue developing spoken academic language.

Fingers crossed for a successful first course design! I’m looking forward to completing this project at the end of July!

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