Instructional Design

Technology Job Aids

My school district supplies each teacher with an iPad for professional use, as well as a set of 10 classroom iPads. While we greatly appreciate this resource, most teachers in my building have not received the training necessary to integrate iPads in a meaningful way. 

These job aids were developed to provide technology support at the moment of need. I collaborated with my school’s Media Tech to brainstorm a list of topics that regularly come up in our conversations with staff members. 

Digital Escape Room

Digital escape rooms are an engaging way to surprise and delight learners of all ages.

The goal of this project was to combine three different types of media in order to create an immersive learning experience for students at the beginning of the school year. 

Microlearning Interactive Presentation

Microlearning breaks large amounts of information down into small learning units. This approach to learning allows for flexibility while promoting knowledge retention and engagement. 

I collaborated with two classmates to create this project. We utilized both synchronous and asynchronous communication tools to complete our task.

Blended Learning Infographic

Blended learning is becoming an increasingly popular model at all levels of education, as well as in the corporate world.

This method of instructional delivery leverages the power of face-to-face instructions paired with technology-based activities. When implemented effectively, blended learning increases learner engagement, creativity, and motivation by putting students at the center of the lesson.

ADDIE Model Website

The Addie Model provides a cohesive formula to tailor and adapt information to a specific audience while offering enough versatility so that anyone can engage in lesson design. 

This website provides research, analysis, and implementation of ADDIE as a dynamic model for use in instructional design targeted at K-12 educators.