Outdoor Classroom Flyer

This flyer was handed out to attendees at a grand opening event to celebrate our school’s outdoor classroom that was designed by our students and their families. We provided the flyer in both English and Spanish to accomodate the needs of all families at our school. 

Story Graphic

The challenge for this project was to tell the story of a futuristic invention using one type of media. I chose to imagine a solution of dreaming, a shared human experience. 

Remixed Public Domain

The challenge for this project was to remix public domain files using two types of media. I downloaded audio and video files from the Prelinger Archives and reinvented them in order to tell a new story. 

Design Thinking Podcast

I met virtually with two other classmates to discuss emotionally responsive technology, human-centered design, and design thinking in schools. After the discussion was complete, I edited the interview into a podcast to share with our class. 

Career Inquiry Interview

I conducted this interview with an Instructional Technology Coordinator in my school district as part of a Career Inquiry project. The interview provided great insight as I explored career options within the Instructional Technology field.