Networked Learning Space: Part 1

Educational technology plays a key role in elementary, middle, and secondary schools. Teachers utilize educational technology across content areas to support creation, collaboration, communication, and critical thinking inside and outside the classroom.

In order to successfully incorporate educational technology into the classroom, teachers must have a deep understanding of classroom management, academic standards, and grade level expectations. Teachers must also take the time to thoroughly plan and research potential barriers to tech implementation.

As I researched existing networked learning spaces focusing on educational technology, I noticed a large amount of pre-existing spaces. Some of these networked learning spaces are active with a large amount of followers who post and comment regularly, while others have a smaller audience with less traffic. Due to the prevalence of already existing online educational technology spaces, I decided to create a plan that will help me become more involved in the educational technology online community.


  • By actively participating in networked learning spaces, I will continue my development as an educational technology thought leader by regularly posting my ed tech ideas and experiences online.  
  • After teaching and learning about educational technology, I will support the implementation of educational technology at my school through modeling and mentoring in my current role as a STEM Coordinator and Instructional Coach.

Action Steps

My goal is to post on Twitter three times per week using #edtech. This will include sharing original content from my Basecamp and relevant photos from my classroom, as well as retweeting posts from thought leaders in the education technology field. If I find that this is a manageable amount of posts, I will increase my activity to five times per week, focusing on Monday through Friday when users in the field of education are more active.

After conducting more research and learning new strategies for successfully acting as a Pinterest collaborator, I plan to ask for a board collaborator invite on an ed tech board that already has a large number of followers and pins. This path will be more successful than creating my own Pinterest board to moderate because Pinterest is already saturated with this information. I will also be able to share the responsibility of regularly posting, rather than attempting to do this on my own.

I will document my NLS journey on this blog as it progresses. I plan to post regular updates in order to share the results of my participation, as well as any tips and tricks I learn along the way.

Onward and Upward

Will I reach my desired goals of developing as an educational technology thought leader and further support the implementation of educational technology at my school?
Join me on this new adventure!

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