Networked Learning Space: Part 3

My ongoing quest to build a Networked Learning Space continues to make progress as I experience successes and setbacks. For a recap of Parts 1 and 2 of this series, click on the links provided.

If you’re up to speed, read on!

Goal #1 – Tweet at least three times per week

I’m surprised at how much I enjoy participating in the world of Twitter. In the interest of screen time, I need to create a sustainable plan that outlines how often I will spend on Twitter each day. I’m still working on the whole tech-life balance thing…

I was hoping to experience the same spike in success that I had during my first week. I’ve learned that even the most well-planned Tweet won’t always garner the desired attention. In the end, consistency is key.

Week 1 Impressions: 19.7K, Week 2 Impressions: 22.6K
My top Tweet of the week was from April 26th.
The author of Radical Candor, Kim Scott, has a relationship with our school district. She sent copies of this book for employees to read!
Here’s a summary of my Twitter activity since the beginning of this project. My PLN is growing each day!

Goal #2 – Become a Pinterest board collaborator

As I mentioned in my Part 1 update, joining a Pinterest board owned by a random person on the Internet without a previous relationship is a difficult task. Feeling frustrated but unwilling to admit defeat, I decided to take an alternative route. I revisited Louise Myers’s cheat sheet and found the following advice:

Start a group board with a few trusted colleagues

Sigh of relief. Back in business.

In a recent conversation with a fellow Leadership Team member at school, we discussed the need for resources and ideas to support teachers in better utilizing the set of six iPads in each classroom for creation and formative assessment…

And so our collaborative Pinterest board was created.

I share this board with four of my colleagues. We currently have 49 pins, 6 sections, and 332 followers.
At this time, we are focusing on district-approved apps and will continue to expand our focus as needs arise.

What’s next?

Honestly, I’m not sure. I am excited to see how my participation in both platforms continues to evolve. With the creation of our ed tech Pinterest board, I feel a renewed sense of excitement. I am thankful for colleagues who were so willing to jump on board with an idea that creates a possible solution for an authentic need in our school building, and I anticipate positive results because of our collaborative effort.

I will keep you updated, as always! Thanks for reading!

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